Back in 1967 car and motorcycle customizer and father of Rat Fink, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth invented the first true custom bike magazine genre with Choppers magazine. It offered up crazy wild choppers and even the first David Mann paintings. Hell, no less a kustom kulture icon than Robert Williams worked on the magazine. The original Choppers ran until 1970 and Roth closed the doors, which opened the door to three upstarts who started publishing Easyriders magazine in 1971.

            Fast forward to 2018 when former editor of WRENCH magazine Cary Brobeck decided the world needed Choppers to come back. He was right. After getting the approval from one of Ed Roth’s sons,  (Ed died on April Fool’s Day, 2001) including much struggling and many sleepless nights, Cary brought Choppers magazine back to life and included all his friends from Easyriders after that venerable bike rag gave up the ghost.

            Nowadays, Choppers magazine still brings you the best custom creations imaginable and is staffed by Cary, former BIKER art director Steve “Beatnik” Werner and hangarounds including former In The Wind editor Kim Peterson, long time photographer and editor of Tattoo magazine Billy Tinney and a ton of other bikers, photographers, and artist.

            Choppers magazine is an important part of custom motorcycle history. We hope you’ll join us for one wild ride!