The Shed Run

There are a few magical places that take you back in time and make you wonder about the history of the place. The Shed, deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas, is one of those magical places with a vibe that is hard to imagine unless you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it for yourself. This place was believed to be the home to a Satanic group back in the early days, stories and folk tales chilled the minds of young and old alike.

The Shed Run

Scott Hoepker was one of those kids intrigued by the stories he had heard about the Shed through the years. A catastrophic event occurred there when the original owner and builder of the Shed made a huge fire, stood in the center, and took his own life with a handgun. The curiosity finally got the best of Scott and he decided to pull in to see exactly what the odd-shaped building and the people who occupied it were all about. He met the former owner’s girlfriend, Cindy, and from that day on, he and Cindy created a tight bond.

The Shed Run

Fast forward a few years, Scott decided to put together a ride and camp at the Shed with some of his closest friends and that has developed into a twice a year event called the Shed Run. The event is invite-only due to the wishes of Cindy but it has grown some over the years. Scott’s plan was to always keep the event grass roots like the old bikers did back in the early days and that is exactly what he has done.

The Shed Run

On Friday, old choppers and hot rods pour in throughout the day. There’s lots of catching up amongst friends old and new over some cold beers, BBQ and a little smoke to start off a great weekend. The night does not go without a huge campfire and some live music to get everyone in good spirits.

The Shed Run

Saturday morning everyone awakens to some fresh coffee made by Cindy and some breakfast tacos by Bucking Pig BBQ. As everyone tends to their hangovers, a day ride is planned and the group heads out on old black top roads deep in the Piney Woods, stopping off for some beers and food along the way.

The Shed Run

Saturday night is usually the wildest night with plenty of partying, live music, and all-around good times. The partying gets crazier, the music gets louder and the overall vibe gets stronger. The whole experience takes you back to imagine how it was back in the 1960’s and ’70’s during those wild biker parties and gatherings.

The Shed Run

As Sunday comes around, people slowly start coming out of their tents wondering, “What the fuck happened last night?” Most the party-goers are nursing hangovers, and with little sleep, start packing up and slowly heading out on their trek back home. They ride off with a ton of new memories, new friends, and a new respect for like-minded people that love old crusty motorcycles and good times.

—Jason Ochoa


  • mark w ebert

    looks cool to me love the seventies grew up then hope i could get a invite to hang with fellow bikers thankyou

  • chris teapot

    Very cool. Dig the photos….and the t shirt :
    “vintage motorcycles are fucking cunts” 😅

  • Fred Zariczny

    Looks like an awesome time with old iron, and some newer iron… and lots of crazies. Good times, cool bikes, cool tattoo’s and more. Looks like a “bucket list” item for quite a few folks. Ride Free my friends.

  • Justkickers

    Fuckin a good time !

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