Texas Chopperin' - Justin Toole's '67

Texas Native Justin Toole found this 1967 genny shovel motor of all places on a Facebook site. The genny shovel has always been his favorite Harley motor so you can only imagine how stoked he was.  “The time it took for the bike to get shipped to him seemed like an eternity” said Justin.

Texas Chopperin' - Justin Toole's '67

Once it arrived in his dirty little hands, he immediately pulled the top end apart to access the damage, as he suspected it was in pretty bad shape, and so was the bottom end… bummer.  With the motor pulled and half apart Justin knew were to take it.  Straight to the motor man himself, Lou Skopik.  Justin left his ’67 baby with Lou with a little direction.  He wanted the motor to look like it came off the Milwaukee factory floor.  Correct cam cover, dechromed rocker boxes and gray cylinders, you know… what a motor should look like.

Texas Chopperin' - Justin Toole's '67

With the motor on point, Justin knew just what to put it in.  He called up the boys at Paughco and had a frame built to his specs, a little up and a little out.  Motor, check. Frame, check.  Now it was time to track down all the other proper chopper parts. Extended HD front end, a B&C custom seat, an SU Carb, and of course a nice set of cocktail shakers were some of the parts Justin had gathered.  There was one thing Justin wanted a little different than all his other chops, and electric start.  I know some of y’all aint about it but think about how nice it would have been to hit a button and hit the road. We think it was a smart move.

Texas Chopperin' - Justin Toole's '67

When it came time for paint and chrome Justin’s heart was telling him yellow. His pops had a yellow panhead when he was a kid, to this day his pops yellow Panhead does burnouts in his head. Justin once dreamt of a yellow chopper with black flames, and he knew just were to get what he has envisioned for a while. Fellow Texan and top-notch painter, Joey Cano of Slabside Customs was the man for that job. Justin says Joey went above and beyond all his expectations on this thing, it was the right choice.

When it was all said and done, “this build is by far my favorite to date” says Justin

-Choppers Mag


  • David White

    Very nice ride. That was some great imagination you had to come up with such a nice ride.
    I have a 2020 Harley Davidson 1200 Iron that I absolutely love.

  • Regan Toole

    Super proud of this bike, this guy built! Love all the others he built, just as much though! 🧡

  • Johnny Spencer

    Looks like bridge crossing the Red River
    Very nice scooter

  • pete

    Beautiful ,Old School chop. I love to see them making a come-back !!

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